Kind-Hearted Malaysians Help Homeless Family Found Living In Public Toilet

Regardless of race or religion, these Malaysians came forward to help others in times of need. 

In a Facebook post shared by Penang My Hometown recently, two PDRM officers came across a homeless family living in a public toilet on the KESAS highway while they were on patrol duty on Wednesday (December 9th).

【巧遇巡警 获人民社警安排 · 露宿公厕一家五口酒店过暖夜】 一家五口无家可归,在高速大道公厕冲凉和准备过夜时巧遇巡警,警察马上联系马来西亚人民社警总会长关志庭以施予援手,最终将这家人安顿到酒店,让他们度过了温暖的一夜。

Posted by Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城 on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The family was showering in the public toilet and had plans to stay there for the night until they were approached by the two policemen. 

After realising their situation, the two officers decided to call Uncle Kentang, who then helped them find a place to stay for the night.

Uncle Kentang told Sin Chew Daily that he received the call at around 11 pm from the police officers, who told him that there was a couple with their three young children showering in a public toilet, and had even planned to stay the night there. 

kind-hearted malaysians help homeless family found living in public toiletPhoto via Facebook (Kuan Chee Heng)

“I had to go to the place immediately to assess the situation myself. They have three young children - the youngest one only a year old - and they had no place to go. They didn’t even have baby formula to feed the youngest one,” he said. 

He then arranged for the family to stay temporarily at a hotel at Bandar Puteri and also asked his friend to help buy baby formula for the family.

Uncle Kentang then handed the family to another volunteer known as Albert Chung.


Posted by Kuan Chee Heng on Monday, December 14, 2020

In his Facebook post, Uncle Kentang said: “We will try to improve their lives. God loves these little children. This is God’s work. I love you all, and if we work hard, hopefully, these children can sleep well tonight. I have asked Albert Chung to follow through with this case.”

Albert and his team managed to find the family a room for them to stay in and he also said that the father has recently gotten a new job.

TERIMA KASIH RAKYAT MALAYSIA SEKALIAN Dari hati saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan Terima Kasih kepada semua orang keatas...

Posted by Albert Chung on Friday, December 11, 2020

His caption reads: “Thank you to all Malaysians. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you a thousand times to everyone who has helped and prayed for us to successfully help this family. 

“We have found a room in Puchong for them to stay, have sufficient food supply, and that the father has found a job and will start on Monday. Thank you, Uncle Kentang, for letting me help this family and I finally felt something different tonight.”

This is what being a Malaysian is all about! We look out for each other during these tough times and make sure that our community is well taken care of!

Keep up the good work, guys! We’re all in this together.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat