Kind Hawker Praised For Giving Free Food To Hungry & Struggling University Students

A food hawker recently went viral online for offering free food to hungry university students who struggle to pay for their meals. 

kind hawker praised for giving free food to hungry & struggling university studentsPhoto via Twitter (@Hfnz9)

The vendor, who was an older woman, left a message for the students encouraging them to eat at her stall if they are hungry or don’t have enough money to buy food elsewhere. 

Her sign reads: “Adik-adik, students, if you don’t have any money, please don’t stay hungry. Come talk to me and I will buy you food.”

Netizens online praised and thanked the woman for her generosity. They also pointed out that if it weren’t for her, many students would have gone hungry…

Not only that, but they also praised her for selling food at a very affordable price, “This Kakak is too kind. May God bless her!”

You are an inspiration, Kakak! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat