S’wakian Shares How Her Elderly Neighbour Sweeps Outside Her Gate Every Day, M’sians Touched!

When you move into a new place, there's always a bit of uncertainty about the kind of neighbors you'll end up with. Fortunately, for a woman in Sarawak, luck was on her side as she found herself with an exceptionally considerate and kind neighbor.

s’wakian shares how her elderly neighbour sweeps outside her gate every day, m’sians touched!Photo via TikTok (@mf_family4)

A netizen who goes by the name "Fatt The MF Shop" shared a heartwarming story on her TikTok account…

She highlighted the thoughtful actions of her elderly neighbor, who not only diligently cleaned the front of his own house but also extended his kindness to her house and that of another neighbor.

In her post, she reflected, "Living as neighbors with people from different races can be an enriching experience. Personally, I'm not Malay; I was born and raised in the blessed land of Sarawak. 

“Here, I've learned to appreciate and respect various races and religions."

The accompanying video showcased the elderly Chinese neighbor meticulously sweeping the area in front of the netizen's house, just beyond the gate. 

@mf_family4 Berjiran dengan bangsa lain ni mengajar kita banyak perkara. Me myself pun bukan orang melayu. Fatt lahir dan dibesarkan di tanah bertuah ibu pertiwiku Sarawak. Dekat sana Fatt belajar untuk hormat banyak bangsa & agama lain. #stopracism #racist #melanausarawak #fyp #fypシ ♬ Powerful songs like action movie music - Tansa

This had become the neighbor's daily routine, a practice he followed at least 2 to 3 times a day, especially when leaves fell to the ground.

The gesture of the elderly man, going above and beyond to sweep not only his own space but also the front of his neighbors' houses, is truly remarkable and reflects his considerate nature.