Netizens Praise Kind Abang Polis For Helping Elderly Uncle with Flat Tyre on Busy Highway

A heartwarming incident unfolded recently as a compassionate member of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) shared a body cam footage capturing his act of kindness toward a driver facing a flat tyre in the midst of a bustling road in Petaling Jaya.

netizens praise kind abang polis for helping elderly uncle with flat tyre on busy highwayPhoto via TikTok (@mpv_shah)

Approaching the stranded vehicle, the officer, with genuine concern, asked: "What’s wrong, uncle?" The driver, visibly struggling, indicated the flat tyre issue.

Recognising the danger of the situation, the policeman advised, "It is dangerous for you to stop your car here. What we should do right now is move your vehicle to a safer location."

Displaying a spirit of camaraderie, the officer and his partner assisted in guiding the vehicle to a safer spot. With empathy in action, they then proceeded to change the flat tyre.

Despite the added challenge of having a passenger on board, the process unfolded smoothly, showcasing the positive outcome of their collaborative efforts.

In a moment of sincerity, the officer took the opportunity to counsel the uncle on the paramount importance of safety, especially in such unforeseen situations.

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This heartening episode was shared by PDRM on its official Facebook page, shedding light on the incident's location in Petaling Jaya and highlighting the officer's affiliation with the Mobile Patrol Vehicle Unit of Petaling Jaya District Police’s Crime Prevention And Community Safety Department.