Kids Are Also Showing Their Appreciation To The Frontliners With Drawings!

We are so grateful for our frontliners who work tirelessly day and night every single day, leaving their loved ones at home and sacrificing their own health just so that Malaysians are safe against COVID-19. 

Now, even children are trying to show their appreciation towards our frontliners in the best way that they know how - which is through their drawings!

The Health Ministry, in a tweet, shared two pieces of artwork by Areeq Aysar Azizul Akhbar and his sister, thanking them for their kind gesture. 

One of the drawings showed, what we assume, a little boy fighting the COVID-19 virus, as well as some essentials to get rid of the virus such as facemasks, gloves and hand sanitisers. 

The second picture is of the Health DG Dr. Noor Hisham, surrounded by a doctor, a nurse, a policeman, and a soldier with the word ‘You Are Our Heroes’ written at the bottom.

Another drawing was sent by 9-year-old Vadivelan Jeevah from SKJT (T) Ladang Highlands Klang who made a beautiful scrapbook on COVID-19, with useful information such as information about the COVID-19 virus and how to prevent it. 

Students of 6 Rajin from SK Bandar Baru Sg. Buloh also showed their support towards our frontliners, with colourful artworks of the COVID-19 virus. Their teacher, Cikgu Yusliza said it was the students’ efforts to show the frontliners how much they appreciated them. 

Our day is made! The drawings are absolutely adorable. We hope that everyone is healthy and safe during this time. Stay at home and take care of yourself! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat