Kelantan Man Builds Barrier To Divert Flood Water Away From His House Went Viral Online!

More flood victims were evacuated to relief centers (PPS) in Terengganu and Kelantan, bringing the total number of evacuees in both states to 26,447 people as of 8 am on Wednesday (March 2nd).

Many were forced out of their homes as water level continued to rise due to the continuous rainfall.

kelantan man builds barrier to divert flood water away from his house went viral online!Photo via Twitter (@FaktaBukanAuta)

However, one man in Kelantan decided that he didn’t want to leave his home and instead built a barrier out of bags of sand stacked on top of each other, supported by wooden poles and covered by a huge plastic. 

Heavy rocks were also used to hold everything in place. Genius!

The incident allegedly happened at Kampung Bukit Abal, Pasir Putih in Kelantan. 

In the video, floodwater can be seen rushing towards the house, but was redirected as it hit the makeshift barrier.

That’s actually pretty smart!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat