Kelantan Father Sets Up Studying Corner For Daughter On Hill For Better Internet

kelantan father sets up studying corner for daughter on hill for better internet

Photo via The Star

We’ve heard many stories of students living in rural parts of the country finding trouble learning online, as their villages have poor internet access.

But at the same time, we’ve also heard stories of some of these students overcoming this issue in some of the most creative ways…

Most recently, a father in Tanah Merah, Kelantan went above and beyond for his daughter, just so she could get the internet connection she needed for her online classes.

48-year-old Mohd Azmi Ahmad set up a tent on a little hill for his daughter Nurlieda Khaleeda near their house in Bukit Petai Tujuh, and it’s just the sweetest thing!

According to The Star, Nurlieda, a second-year medical laboratory technology student at University of Malaya, used to go to the town some 3km away just to get some decent internet connection.

But now, a table and a chair under a tent is all she’s using to attend her online classes amid the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

“What worries me most is that I’m currently sitting for examinations until December 3rd. I have to switch on my mobile phone camera to allow the lecturers to monitor me.

“I am quite stressed with the intermittent internet connection in the village which makes it difficult for me to sit for my examinations. In fact, the two hours provided were insufficient due to the unstable connection. If the internet disconnects, I have to start over and no additional time is given, ” she said.

kelantan father sets up studying corner for daughter on hill for better internet

Of course, Nurlieda isn’t at the tent 24/7, as she’s worried for her safety and the risk of being exposed to venomous animals such as snakes at night.

But she needn’t worry too much, as Azmi always accompanies his daughter till she’s done for the day.

“Especially now, as it is raining every day. The tent is uncomfortable, but we have no choice for the sake of her future. This is not a problem only we are facing, but also other students in higher education institutions and schools. In fact, some younger people have even built tree houses to get better coverage,” he said.

Azmi also pointed out that the internet coverage issue was nothing new there, and those staying in five nearby villages also face similar problems.

All the best, Nurlieda!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob