M’sians Praise Restaurant That Gives Out 500 Free Meals Every Day, Visited By Mat Sabu!

A restaurant in Kedah has gone viral for giving away 500 free meals from Sunday to Friday to the first 500 customers. 

m’sians praise restaurant that gives out 500 free meals every day, visited by mat sabu!Photo via TikTok (@rumahmakanpercuma)

The restaurant, called “Rumah Makan Percuma” took to their TikTok to announce their initiative to help those in need. And since then, their TikTok account has become very popular with many complimenting the restaurant for their kindness.

Their initiative even caught the attention of Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Mat Sabu, and they have also welcomed guests who came all the way from Sarawak! 


“This is great for the elderly. They don’t have to cook at home, they can just come here to eat,” said one person.

“This is so kind. Keep up the good work and I will pray for you so that God will bless you abundantly, so you can help more people in the future.”

@rumahmakanpercuma Untukmu aku bertahan 🥹🥹 #rumahmakanpercuma #ayambismi #kongsirezeki #kedah #wie2 ♬ Untukmu Aku Bertahan - Afgan

This is the best thing we’ve seen today! Thank you for your kindness, Rumah Makan Percuma!