Johor Hawker Stall Leaves Malaysian Stunned with RM5 Price Tag for Kopi Ais

Another eatery is making waves for all the wrong reasons, joining the list of viral restaurants, and this time it's a hawker stall in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru. The cause of the stir? A rather exorbitant price tag on a cup of iced coffee.

johor hawker stall leaves malaysian stunned with rm5 price tag for kopi aisAn anonymous netizen took to the 新山消费者投诉平台 (Johor Bahru Consumer Complaints Platform) Facebook group to share their astonishment, posting a photo of the "Kopi Ais" with a caption that read, "RM5 for a cup of iced coffee? Is it because I haven’t been drinking coffee for a long time?"

The post also tagged the location of the hawker centre, specifically the Taman Pelangi Food Court in Johor's capital city.

The comments section lit up with Malaysians expressing their shock at the steep price for a basic cup of iced coffee. Some inquired if there was anything particularly special about this Kopi Ais to justify the elevated cost.

One cheeky commenter humorously suggested that the hawker stall's boss might be planning an early retirement at 35 years old with such high prices compared to other hawker stalls.

johor hawker stall leaves malaysian stunned with rm5 price tag for kopi aisPhoto via Facebook (新山消费者投诉平台)

When questioned about the possibility of the Kopi Ais being served in a larger-than-usual cup to rationalise the RM5 price, the original poster clarified that it was just a regular-sized cup, as evident in the photo.

So, what's your take on this Facebook post? How much are you typically charged for a refreshing Kopi Ais at your local eatery or hawker stall?