Johor Based Designer Makes Bags Out Of Used Food Wrappers

We all buy bread and biscuits to snack on all the time, and with all the plastic wrappers we’ve collected, we have no choice but to just throw them away, which can be harmful to our planet in the long run.

But, this one fashion designer from Johor is changing the way we look at trash by turning Malaysian pantry staples into eye-catching bags!

According to the Malay Mail, Wan of Wan’s Handmade combines food and fashion in its latest collection that features Gardenia bread and Hup Seng Cream Crackers packages as the main ingredient.


你知道吗? . Hup Seng(合成饼家)是来自Batu Pahat的品牌诶~ 它是在1950年代由四位郭家兄弟创立的。当时的他们还是以面包车的形式在售卖糕点和饼干。而我们熟悉的Hup Seng梳打饼在1958年时出现的,当时的它被命名为【乒乓较较饼】,一直到现在都还是很深的大家喜爱。 . 你也跟我一样喜欢Hup Seng 梳打饼吗? . #生在马来西亚的孩子 #一定要配milo的啦 #然后也可以配kaya #花生酱 #我的朋友说两三片一起沾咖啡也很好吃 #儿时回忆永流传 . @myhupseng . . #wanshandmade #customization #hupseng #plasticrebornproject #claspbag #20cm #sling #handcarry #clutch #vintage #original . . *This is created by WAn's Handmade. If you have any questions about any offense or infringement, please contact us immediately.* *此為WAn's Handmade餘興創作,若有冒犯或侵權之疑問,請馬上聯繫我們。* . . *As there are really huge amount of comments, we might miss out your comment. Please drop us a message thru inbox if you are interested, we will reply to you soon. Thanks* *由于过大的留言量,我们可能错过了你的留言。请私信inbox我们,好让我们尽快的回复你。谢谢*

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【Anastasia Crossbody】 我取的名字 . 小时候很喜欢一部卡通电影叫《Anastasia》。故事说的是一个因战乱而失忆,被遗落又被救起的俄罗斯公主的真实故事。从小从这部戏学英文也接触英文歌曲,每天翻着快烂掉的歌词本唱了又唱。 . “Anastasia”, a name of Greek origin, it means “resurrection(复活)”. . 这款包由之取名,也是因为一个被遗落、被丢弃的物品得到重生的机会。 . 谢谢你们给予它重生的机会。 #现已公开定制 . #wanshandmade #anastasia #crossbody #gardenia #plasticrebornproject #packagingwraps #newlife #newchance #ressurection . 📸 @edmundseow9

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The bags also come in a variety of styles ranging from vintage clutches, messenger bags, as well as fanny packs.

The designer, who is based in Batu Pahat, received a flood of messages and comments on her Facebook page after promoting a yellow Hup Seng Cream Crackers bag. The post has since garnered thousands of reactions from netizens.

Besides Gardenia bread and Hup Seng crackers, Wan also makes bags out of Massimo bread wrappers.

These upcycled bags are a part of the Plastic Reborn Project which gives trash a new life. She collects all the used plastics and packages, and gives them a fresh new identity with a purpose.

We would never in a million years imagine our used bread wrappers as a stylish bag!

She told the Malay Mail that she started her business in 2014 after graduating from Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Art where she studied fashion design.

Bags from The Plastic Reborn Project are priced from RM79 onwards, while her other creations are sold between RM15 to RM200. 

Now, this is what we call saving the planet, but being fashionable at the same time!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat