Joggers In Mont Kiara Faced The Wrath Of Netizens

This is clearly not the time to be outside, especially if you’re caught by netizens!

Recently a video of joggers in Mont Kiara circulated across social media, which sparked major outrage from netizens. The 11-second video showed joggers and cyclers out and about, doing their physical activities when a restricted movement order is clearly in place across the nation.

Twitter user, @elzalyff, who most probably lives in the area, shared in his tweet that within a minute, at least 10 people were seen jogging and 3 others cycling along Jalan Duta Kiara.

He even tagged official Twitter accounts of Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF), The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and The Malaysian National Security Council (MKNJPM) along with the hashtag #StayAtHome.

The video has drawn the attention of many online users, who were quick to call the joggers and cyclers out for not respecting the government’s directives.

Some, however, disagree with the consensus that you shouldn’t be outside to engage in physical activities. If you’re social distancing and keeping yourself healthy, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

However, as outlined by the Ministry of Health (MOH), it is best for all of us to just stay at home as the likely chance of the disease being transmitted would be very much lower when you are limiting your interaction with others. Essential travels are allowed such as going to get the groceries or if you are working for essential services listed by the government, but other than that it is better for us to self-quarantine and practice social distancing always.

In the meantime, if the public would like to get some exercise done, there are plenty of home workout videos available online!

Other than fitness studios and personal trainers posting their live Facebook and Instagram videos for you to easily believe that you’re working out in the gym or studios with them, many, including national athletes and even politicians, have accepted the challenge thrown down by the Youth and Sports Ministry under the #KBSWAHCHALLENGE to post videos of them working out at home during the RMO period.

Even our former Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Syaddiq, posted a video of himself doing clap push-ups in under 17 seconds and challenging others to do the same too!

Many clearly took on the challenge…

Either way, let’s try our best to follow the orders given by authorities and find ways to keep ourselves busy and healthy during the RMO.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya