Jimmy Choo Went Viral Talking About His Outfit In London And Showing Off The Malaysian Songket

Datuk Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian fashion designer, has gone viral in a video promoting Malaysian songket while being interviewed on the streets of London, UK.

jimmy choo went viral talking about his outfit in london and showing off the malaysian songketPhoto via Instagram (@worldmicrophoneldn)

Choo can be seen walking in front of his fashion school, JCA London Fashion Academy, at Hanover Square, with his mentee, Peony Sin, in a one-minute video posted on Instagram by @worldmicrophoneldn.

“Hello and good morning. Yes, I am Jimmy Choo,” he can be heard saying.

He then pointed to a group of people who were waving at him and said: “They recognised Jimmy Choo. They are wearing my shoes.”

He also showed off his outfit and highlighted his blazer jacket, emphasizing the fabric is made of songket. “This is Malaysia’s most treasured fabric, hand-sewn with gold and silver threads.

Peony, who designed both of their outfits explained that songket is a Malaysian woven fabric that is usually worn during special occasions like weddings and traditional religious events “I use the fabric and incorporated the traditional cheongsam design to showcase our Malaysian diverse culture.”

Choo then adds that Peony’s design is a combination of the Chinese and Western cultures, “I am very proud of my parents’ heritage. After all, we are chinese. I am a Malaysian chinese.”

Wah, they look so good wearing the songket! Proud Malaysian right here!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat