"So Lucky!" Jay Chou Gives Fan His S$19,000 Jacket to Shield from Rain During Concert

How often do you get the chance to interact with your idol at a concert, let alone have them give you a piece of their own clothing?

so lucky! jay chou gives fan his s$19,000 jacket to shield from rain during concertPhoto via 8days

During Mandopop King Jay Chou's recent Carnival World Tour stop at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre, one fan had a truly unforgettable experience. Jay had been performing for four consecutive nights, and on the final night, a downpour hit the arena, leaving many fans drenched. Those in the VIP section without shelter were particularly soaked.

Despite the discomfort, a moment of pure kindness and connection unfolded. Jay noticed a fan who was completely soaked, with neither a raincoat nor a poncho. Rather than brushing it off, he stopped to acknowledge her situation. With a warm smile, he said, "I’ll pass you my jacket in a bit, okay?"

He then disappeared backstage, returning with his own jacket, which he had his crew hand to the drenched fan. The entire venue burst into cheers, and the lucky fan, who goes by the name 'Xiao Zhou Tong Xue,' couldn't contain her tears of joy. It was an emotional moment that spoke volumes about the bond between artist and fan.

But Jay’s gesture didn’t stop there. He also sent over a raincoat, an umbrella, and 10 pieces of chocolate wrapped in a towel, ensuring that she was not only dry but also a little more comfortable during the concert. The fan was over the moon, especially when Jay sang her request for "Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne"

so lucky! jay chou gives fan his s$19,000 jacket to shield from rain during concertPhoto via 8days

Xiao Zhou, a fashion blogger, later shared her joy on a live stream, gushing about how kind and generous Jay was. She even marveled at the scent of his jacket, a Dior piece worth around 100K yuan (S$19K). Despite offers of up to 2 million yuan (S$380K) for the jacket, Xiao Zhou refused to sell it, stating, "This is from my idol; I won't sell it for any amount of money."

Her response encapsulates the magic of these moments—when an idol goes out of their way to show care for a fan, creating memories that last a lifetime. She summed it up perfectly: “I will never get the chance to experience something like this for the rest of this lifetime, or even in my next lifetime. 

“I feel satisfied to have lived my life up till this moment!” A heartwarming reminder that sometimes, a simple act of kindness can create a connection that resonates far beyond the music.

Wah, what a lucky girl!