Japanese YouTuber Says "Malaysia Is Too Cold!" But She's Not Actually Referring To The Weather!

Many visitors to Malaysia often lament about the sweltering heat that greets them upon arrival. And truly, their grievances are valid, for the tropical climate in this country can be oppressively hot.

japanese youtuber says malaysia is too cold! but she's not actually referring to the weather!Photo via TikTok (@malaypan_tv)

However, it's a rarity to hear anyone claim that Malaysia is actually chilly. Yet, a Japanese YouTuber who has made a home in Malaysia has taken to TikTok to make an intriguing case for why she perceives Malaysia as having a freezing cold environment – a perception that surprisingly has nothing to do with the actual weather.

Under her TikTok handle, @malaypan_tv, she penned, "How do Malaysians endure the cold?"

In her TikTok post, she shared her preconceived notion that Malaysia would be a blazing inferno prior to her relocation. To her astonishment, she found herself disagreeing with her own expectations as she encountered bone-chilling air conditioning temperatures virtually everywhere she went in the country.

"Air conditioning is everywhere!" she exclaimed.

According to her, she feels the frosty bite of the cold air conditioning in various locales, from shopping malls and cinemas to eateries and public transportation systems.

Her TikTok video also offers a glimpse into her efforts to fend off the cold, where she wraps herself in a blanket to combat the chill that permeates these air-conditioned spaces. She goes on to express that, for her, a simple fan would suffice.

@malaypan_tv How do Malaysians stand the cold ❄️ #fyp #funny #malaysia #meme ♬ original sound - etc. - Jouanna

It's undeniable that Malaysians have grown accustomed to the comfort of air-conditioning as a refuge from the blistering outdoor heat. Yet, it's worth acknowledging that in certain places, the chill from the air conditioning can be excessively intense.

So, while we Malaysians certainly depend on air-conditioning to escape the scorching temperatures outside, we must also concede that in some instances, the icy embrace of the air conditioning can prove to be a little too much to bear!