Japanese Man Collected 4,500 Cigarette Butts Found On The Streets Of Putrajaya

From the rivers being polluted by tons of plastic to animals being caught in trash, it seems like Malaysians will never learn how to throw their trash properly.

A Japanese man who worked as a volunteer with a non-profit group, Trash Hero Putrajaya, recently revealed how bad Malaysians are when it comes to littering.

The man, known as Nana, posted a photo on Twitter last Tuesday (26 May), showing a shocking amount of cigarette butts stacked on top of one another.

japanese man collected 4,500 cigarette butts found on the streets of putrajayaPhoto: Twitter NanaCyber2

Nana found over 4,500 cigarette butts from the streets of Putrajaya during a clean-up run earlier this year and what’s worse, is that it was all found within the first hour and a half of the clean-up run!

“So many cigarette butts littered everywhere,” he wrote in Japanese along with a crying emoji.

Trash Hero Putrajaya also posted a video on January 12 of the cigarette butts they had collected, and we just couldn’t believe our eyes at how many were found just in the streets of Putrajaya alone!

In a separate Tweet, Nana shared another photo showing a mountain of plastic bottles he and his fellow volunteers picked up near Gem In Mall at Cyberjaya back in February.

“On February 29 before the movement control order, I did a clean-up near the Gem In Mall with volunteers from Trash Hero Putrajaya.”

“We picked up 202 kilogrammes of rubbish including bottles, cigarette butts, and more,” he wrote.

Nana currently resides in Cyberjaya and loves to do charity work in his spare time.

While we applaud Nana for his efforts, let’s not forget to pick up after our own trash and help people like Nana to create a cleaner and better Malaysia!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya