Japanese Discovers Milo In 2020, Loved It So Much & Opened Milo Kiosk In Tokyo Train Station

Milo was first introduced in Malaysia in the 1950s and it has won the hearts of Malaysoans across all generations. 

It has since become a well-loved household brand and a quintessential part of the Malaysian breakfast. Also, who remembers the truck that gives out Milo drinks for free at school? That used to be the best thing ever growing up! 

japanese discovers milo in 2020, loved it so much & opened milo kiosk in tokyo train stationPhoto via Twitter (@TonanLeopard)

And apparently, the Japanese love it, too!

Recently, a tweet went viral promoting the opening of a new Milo kiosk in Tokyo’s Machida station. User @/TonanLeopard also shared a picture of a cup of Milo and stated the price JPY200 (RM7.13)!

Not only that but the Milo drink also comes with fruits such as banana, kiwi or pineapple that you can add on - which is both weird and Japanese. Each cup costs JPY300 which is around RM10.70! 

Not bad…

The kiosk also sells dalgona coffee, which is less expensive than the Milo. 

According to the tweet, the Milo stand at the Machida station will only be open from March 6th until April 30th. 

So if you’re a Malaysian who is currently in Japan and wants to try the Japanese-style Milo drinks, you can head over to the train station in Tokyo now! 

Ahh, we wish we could travel and try some now.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat