IU Fan Takes “Like Idol, Like Fans” to New Heights, Leaving Netizens Stunned

The phrase "like idol, like fans" is often used to describe when fans share similarities with the idols they admire, whether in preferences or actions.

iu fan takes “like idol, like fans” to new heights, leaving netizens stunnedPhoto via Pinterest

One IU fan has taken this sentiment to a remarkable level. With IU set to perform in Hong Kong on May 25 and 26 as part of her world tour, a fanpage has called on concertgoers to practice singing IU’s song “My Sea” to sing together during the event.

To facilitate this, a fan page administrator recorded a guide version of the song, complete with subtitles, encouraging everyone to practice and spread the word. The fanpage expressed hope that this collective effort would touch IU’s heart during the concert.

"We welcome everyone to practice using the subtitles. Please share the support information with others. We hope the singing event with Uaena will succeed and touch IU’s heart again," the fanpage announced.

Netizens were astounded and captivated by the administrator's vocal talent. Many noted the high standard of fandom, with one remarking on the impressive quality of the singing. 

Others expressed their admiration, admitting they had listened to the rendition multiple times. Some even suggested that the fan page administrator should create a fanpage for themselves, indicating a desire to follow such a talented fan.

This display of vocal talent by the IU fan not only highlights the deep connection between the idol and her fans but also showcases the extraordinary skills that can emerge within a dedicated fanbase.