Itaewon Store Owner Mourns Crush Victims, Regrets He “Couldn’t Save More Young Lives”

It has been a few days since the Itaewon tragedy, and South Korea is still in mourning for all the young lives lost on that horrific night. 

itaewon store owner mourns crush victims, regrets he “couldn’t save more young lives”

itaewon store owner mourns crush victims, regrets he “couldn’t save more young lives”Photo via YouTube (MBCNEWS)

Many people are participating in the national mourning period and remembering all the lives that were lost. 

A day after the incident, a store owner who had opened his doors so the victims could escape the crush appeared in the narrow alleyway with a plate of food and candles to mourn for the victims.

He laid out a mat and placed a plate of food where the tragic incident happened, lit some candles and started praying for the deceased. At that point, a police officer had arrived to prevent the elderly man from being at the place of the incident. 

However, the elderly man objected saying: “Don’t do it. You must allow me to do this at least.”

He went on to explain to the police officer: “Because this is where the accident happened, I should at the very least offer the kids food before they pass over. Please don’t do this. Please leave it.”

More police officers arrived after a relatively short struggle to hold back the man. 

Eventually the man falls to the ground, wailing and sobbing for all the young lives that had been taken in front of his eyes. Police then released the man and was seen crying with him.

South Korean netizens took to the comment section to share their pain with the old man, “He just wanted to offer meals to all the young people who lost their lives, and he also saved so many by allowing them to enter his store.

“I can’t stop crying,” said one person. 

This is heartbreaking! Our condolences to the people of South Korea for the crowd surge at the Halloween party in Itaewon.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat