Is It A Cat? Is It A Dog? It’s CatDog!

While people are still fighting over the age-old debate; cats VS dogs, Bob the cat proved that you don’t have to choose one over the other.

A video of a cat posted by Twitter user, Arash Muaz, has gone viral with more than 45K retweets and 65K likes, after the 22-second long video showed Bob the cat playing fetch with his owner, just like dogs!

Netizens were surprised as most cats would probably catch the toy and go about their way, but as Muaz threw the cat toy, Bob would run as fast as he could to catch the toy and return it back to Muaz.

Many have commented on Muaz’s post wishing that they had a cat just like Bob!

Some also posted their cat-dog pets, playing fetch…

According to his interview with Mstar, Muaz owns 3 other cats, but Bob is very special. Many have asked him whether Bob is trained to do such a stunt, but Muaz claimed that Bob was never trained, and he was just naturally more active (and might we say adorable!) as compared to his other cats.

We love all cats, but we secretly hope more cats can be like Bob or Tom, the mouse catching cat, so we can finally own both cats AND dogs!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya