Ipoh Resident Bears a RM6,000 Burden: Repairing the Damages Left by Troublesome Tenants

A man from Ipoh, Perak found himself burdened with a hefty RM6,000 bill to rectify the havoc wreaked by irresponsible tenants in his parents' property. 

ipoh resident bears a rm6,000 burden: repairing the damages left by troublesome tenantsPhoto via Facebook (Abdul Latif Ab Razak)

Abdul Latif Ab Razak took to Facebook to express his frustration, revealing that instead of enjoying passive income, he and his family were forced to expend a considerable sum to restore the house, left in a deplorable condition.

Expressing sympathy for his parents, Abdul Latif described the dire situation in a post on November 3, highlighting the distress caused by tenants who had turned every part of the rental home into a filth-ridden mess. 

Disturbing images shared by Abdul Latif depicted surfaces soiled, rubbish strewn across every room, and even inscriptions on the walls. The kitchen floor was marred with mud, and the backyard harbored animal remains. Such neglect forced the disposal of mattresses and plastic chairs due to their unhygienic state.

Situated in Taman Cempaka, a strategically located area with ample amenities nearby, the house should have been a source of passive income. 

However, Abdul Latif recounted the recurring ordeal his family faced with troublesome tenants.

"This isn't the first or second time this has happened. Instead of earning a passive income, it's the other way around—cleaning costs, overdue rent, unpaid electricity and water bills, not to mention the repair expenses that have amounted to RM6,000, equivalent to a year's rent!" lamented Abdul Latif.

Kesian kat mak pak aku kena hadap penyewa mental camni.. Rumah di Taman Cempaka, Ipoh ni sikit punya strategik kawasan...

Posted by Abdul Latif Ab Razak on Thursday, 2 November 2023

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark example of the unacceptable behavior exhibited by irresponsible tenants, causing financial strain and emotional distress for property owners who expect responsible and respectful leasing arrangements.