Indonesian YouTuber Proves You Can Do Just About Anything And Go Viral

indonesian youtuber proves you can do just about anything and go viral

Photo via Malay Mail

Indonesian YouTuber Muhammad Didit became an internet sensation over the past month, after posting a video of himself literally doing nothing and staring into space.

The video, posted on July 10th on his channel ‘sobat miskin official’, has since garnered almost 2.9 million views.

Didit, who has over 36,000 subscribers, usually posts videos of himself trying out food experiments, and what was supposed to be an inside joke among his followers unexpectedly boosted his clout.

The 21-year-old told Indonesian media last month that he had initially planned for the video to be between five to ten minutes-long, but he got carried away.

He even made thorough preparations for the video to make sure he wasn’t distracted or disrupted.

“I ate first, went to the bathroom, and gave (filming) a try. It turned out well, so I decided to make it two hours long.

“During that time, I was honestly not too worried about having to use the toilet but was more afraid of my parents calling for me.

“If I don’t answer them, I’ll get into trouble,” he said.

Has Didit inspired you to come up with something?


by Kyle Roshen Jacob