Indonesian Man Proposes To Girlfriend With A PowerPoint Presentation, In Front Of Her Parents!

An Indonesian man had a unique way to propose to his girlfriend… by preparing a whole PowerPoint presentation to present in front of her parents!

indonesian man proposes to girlfriend with a powerpoint presentation, in front of her parents!Photo via Instagram (Yasher Fadhli)

Through a viral video on Instagram, the man, named Yasher Fadhli, used a PowerPoint presentation to show his future parents-in-law about his future plans after marrying their daughter. 

Like a CEO, Yasher casually and confidently explains about his plans after marriage, while his girlfriend’s parents sit in front of him, focused on his presentation. 

“Usually, when talking about finances, we often discuss where we’ll be staying, how we’re going to make sure we have food on the table every day. 

“No, this time I want to talk about now, I’m going to work hard and to make this work,” he says in his presentation.

Netizens took to the comment section to say that they were impressed by Yasher’s confidence and some even asked tips from him.

This is so cute! We wonder how many slides he prepared for this whole presentation.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat