Individuals Caught Dumping Heaps Of Trash At The Side Of The Road, Netizens Furious!

You shouldn’t be dumping trash at the side of the road. It’s both irresponsible and dangerous!

Littering on the road can affect the health of residents nearby. Piles of rubbish at the roadside can also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes such as Aedes and the smell coming out of the garbage can attract other animals like rodents and even flies - which carries many types of infectious diseases. 

individuals caught dumping heaps of trash at the side of the road, netizens furious!Photo via Reddit (r/Malaysia)

Recently, a video of some individuals unloading trash from a truck went viral.

In the video, a truckload of rubbish is seen being dumped over the side of the road by two men and a woman. The video has since gone viral on Reddit, a social news and forum site. 

It didn’t even deter them, who continued to shamelessly throw out their trash despite being caught on camera. The video is believed to have been recorded by a bystander.

One of the men, who got a little annoyed that they were being recorded, tried to intimidate the bystander by taking out his own phone and started recording as well. The exact location of the incident is unknown, but it is believed to have happened in Iskandar Puteri, Johor. 

Netizens have since taken to the comment section to condemn the individuals for their irresponsible actions, “this is just sad. Malaysia is a country with some of the tallest skyscrapers, but with a third-world mentality.

“This is also supposed to be a high class area. So you have high class people, driving big cars, with a third-world mentality,” said one person.

“Your housing area has no trash bin ah? Your local council picks up trash what. Why still need to throw in weird places like this?”

We hope the authorities will take action against these litterbugs!