Individual Captures Video Of Crocodile Floating Still As A Log In Singapore Canal, Netizens Amused

A video recently went viral of a crocodile that made an unexpected appearance in a huge concrete canal at Choa Chu Kang in Singapore.

individual captures video of crocodile floating still as a long in singapore canal, netizens amusedPhoto via TikTok (@khaijer)

Some viewers identified that area and apparently, it is near Home Team Academy, which is also nearby the nature reserve and the Johor Strait. Well, that explains where the crocodile came from!

In the video, the huge crocodile is seen as still as a floating log, just chilling and relaxing under the warm sun. 

Though it was only a 30-seconds clip, netizens were still captivated by such close contact with one of the world’s largest reptiles.

According to the New Straits Times, Law Ing Sind, co-founder of the Herpetological Society of Singapore, a volunteer-run group that advocates for the conservation of reptiles said: “Saltwater crocodiles are usually restricted to Sungei Buloh where there are large tracts of mangrove forest, which provide a large prey base in the form of fishes to sustain a resident population.”

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So, many assumed that the crocodile that was spotted wandering in the canal probably wandered off from its usual feeding spot around the nature reserve.

Ah, we’re glad nobody or no reptiles were hurt!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat