If You Think You Win This Valentine’s Day, Think Again!

Let’s be honest, it’s every girl’s dream to get a bouquet of flowers from their partner on Valentine’s Day, right?

But this man just went above and beyond with a RM20,000 “bouquet” for his girlfriend!

if you think you win this valentine’s day, think again!Photo: The Sun Daily

You’re probably thinking, “this guy must’ve done something terribly wrong to give his girlfriend that much money”.

According to China Press, the florist, Zheng Aini, said that the man drove all the way from Johor to Kuala Lumpur with RM20,000 in the form of RM100 and RM10 notes. 

Zheng, who specialises in creating “ringgit bouquets”, said that it is the largest and most valuable ringgit flower arrangement that she has ever done. She has received such requests before but it was the first time someone wanted a RM20,000 bouquet. 

She made a total of 99 artificial roses using the money, with each rose having two RM100 notes as petals and a RM10 note as a rosebud. She said it wasn’t an easy task and it took her about 3 days to complete it! 

The bouquet is estimated to be as large as a car tire.

Wow, we’re impressed! What are you giving your partner this Valentine’s day?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat