Humans In, Elephants Out!

Now that we are all cooped up inside our homes due to the MCO, some wild elephants have decided that it’s time for them to roam around and explore the now deserted streets. 

A video recently went viral on Facebook, showing a herd of elephants walking around the streets nearby a petrol station in Terengganu. The 21-second video was posted by Info Bencana Terengganu and has received over 30 thousand views and 200 shares to date.

The residents in the area lodged a police report after the video went viral and complained to The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN).

According to BERNAMA, Dr. Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof, director of PERHILITAN urged the public not to panic and to report immediately if something like this happens again. This will help the department to figure out the next step on how to safely relocate these animals. 

“We will send a person on duty from PERHILITAN to the location and identify if there’s any threat to the people around. The location where these animals were spotted could also be just a passing route for them,” he added.

humans in, elephants out!Photo via Facebook (Info Bencana Terengganu)

The lack of human activities has made the animals comfortable to roam around in search of food. Dr. Abdul Malek also confirmed that PERHILITAN have received several complaints about the elephants and stated that the route which was seen in the video is not frequently used by the herd.

humans in, elephants out!Photo via Facebook (Info Bencana Terengganu)

So, don’t worry, stay calm, and let the authorities handle this!

We hope that this elephant family enjoyed their little stroll around town. Stay safe everyone, and stay at home! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat