How About Buying A Burger For Your Loved One?

Some of us really take our loving spouses and the sacrifices they go through for granted.

Twitter user @ammnslhn shared a touching story of a Pakcik ordering a burger for his wife’s birthday. The Pakcik apparently did not have the time to get her a cake as the cake shop was closed,  so he’d gotten her a burger instead (we prefer the burger over the cake if we’re being honest here).

how about buying a burger for your loved one?

Photo: Twitter @ammnslhn

He even asked a lady working there to write a birthday message on the packaging too!

how about buying a burger for your loved one?

Photo: Twitter @ammnslhn

@ammnslhn shared photos of the incident while reminding everyone to appreciate their significant other, no matter how small the gesture.

The tweet went viral with over 20K retweets, reminding us that appreciating your other half is still very important and true love still exists!

Now who has dust in their eyes here? :’)

The tweet also caught the attention of Secret Recipe themselves, offering the Pakcik free cake! Don't you just love the internet sometimes?

We hope that the Pakcik and his wife had a good birthday celebration and to all the couples out there, let it be known that a simple gesture (or burger!) can make anyone’s day!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya