Can You Spend Only RM20 a Day in KL? This YouTuber From Hong Kong Shows It's Possible!

In a time where expenses keep rising, and everything seems to be getting more expensive, is it really possible to get by with just RM20 a day in Kuala Lumpur? 

Well, a Hong Kong YouTuber, Mario Hau, recently took on this challenge and proved that it can be done. With only RM21 in his pocket, let's see how he managed to cover three meals for the day.

can you spend only rm20 a day in kl? this youtuber from hong kong shows it's possible!Photo via YouTube (Mario Hau 孝仔)

Mario began his day by asking locals for budget-friendly options. A kind-hearted Russian student studying in KL contributed RM1 to support his endeavor, leaving him with a total of RM21 for the challenge.

For breakfast, Mario headed to a random Mamak stall and savored a delicious Roti Canai with curry, which cost him a mere RM1.30. He was impressed with both the taste and the incredible affordability.

During his adventure, Mario stumbled upon Menu Rahmah at McDonald’s, but he decided not to indulge.

After gathering suggestions online, Mario found a great spot for lunch - a vegetarian restaurant situated inside a temple. He enjoyed a satisfying meal of rice with three vegetarian dishes, priced at just RM6.50. As he bid farewell to the temple, he met and chatted with the volunteer aunties and decided to donate the RM1 he received from the Russian student at the beginning of his challenge as a gesture of gratitude.

Taking a free bus ride, Mario explored the city before hopping on the LRT to Bukit Bintang, spending another RM2.80 on transportation.

At a local market, he splurged RM1 on a delightful piece of Tauhu Pentol and then rented an electric scooter for RM3.90 to continue his journey.

With only RM4 left in his budget, the question arose - what could Mario find in KL that was both tasty and fulfilling? The answer was simple and iconic - the beloved Ramly Burger.

Mario spent his remaining money on a mouthwatering chicken burger with egg, successfully completing his challenge without resorting to eating biscuits, cup noodles, or bread.

Through Mario's experience, he demonstrated that with some resourcefulness and local knowledge, it is indeed possible to enjoy a day in KL for just RM20, savoring some of the city's delicious offerings along the way.