Hong Kong Actress, Priscilla Wong’s Leg Injured By Durian While Filming Travel Show In Malaysia

Hong Kong actress Priscilla Wong was injured after a durian fell on her leg while filming a travel show in Malaysia.

In an Instagram post, the 40-year-old actress uploaded a video showing how she was injured.

hong kong actress, priscilla wong’s leg injured by durian while filming travel show in malaysiaPhoto via Instagram (@wongtsuiyu)

In the video, the actress was seen at a durian plantation while filming a show called “Travel with Priscilla Wong.”

A durian is then seen thrown towards her, which hit her left thigh and punctured the skin, however, Priscilla just laughed it off. She said that there were about 20 puncture wounds caused by the thorns.

Wong is also seen in the video rubbing ointment on her leg.

She also tagged her colleague in the post, Malaysian film actress Debbie Goh who apparently was the one who threw the durian at her, “Who was it who threw the durian like that!” she wrote in the caption.

Ahh, that must’ve hurt! Sometimes accidents happen and we’re glad that she wasn’t seriously hurt by the durian.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat