Hong Kong Actress, Charmaine Sheh Excited By Durian Cake Gift from Fan as She Arrives in Malaysia

Meeting your favorite celebrity is always an exciting experience, especially when they travel thousands of miles away from their homeland. Such encounters are rare and offer a chance to see them up close and personal. 

Recently, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh arrived in Malaysia to shoot a drama, and it didn't take long for her to be greeted by enthusiastic fans eagerly awaiting her arrival at the airport.

hong kong actress, charmaine sheh excited by durian cake gift from fan as she arrives in malaysiaPhoto via Xiaohongshu (佘诗曼 Charmaine Sheh)

Amidst the crowd of fans, many surrounded Charmaine, offering her bouquets of flowers and holding banners with her name and messages of welcome. However, one fan stood out with the most remarkable and uniquely Malaysian gift. Representing the country's love for durians, the fan presented Charmaine with an entire durian cake.

Without waiting to reach her destination, Charmaine wasted no time in unboxing the cake and indulging in its deliciousness. The joy of receiving a gift is best seen in the recipient's reaction, and in a short clip uploaded to her Xiao Hong Shu account, Charmaine expressed her love for the durian cake and playfully joked about its potential fattening effects.

A netizen in the comment section revealed herself as the person who served Charmaine the cake, which had been freshly baked at one of the popular bakery chains. She mentioned that the cake was made with fresh Musang King durian, a highly prized and sought-after variety.

Charmaine also shared that she would be staying in Malaysia for approximately two months due to the ongoing production of the drama. Interestingly, she is not the only Hong Kong star involved in the project, as several other actors from Hong Kong have also arrived in Malaysia to participate in the TV show.

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Posted by 佘诗曼马来西亚吧 on Thursday, 13 July 2023

It is heartening to witness Charmaine's enjoyment of one of the local delicacies. With two months ahead, there may be opportunities for fans to bump into Charmaine and the rest of the crew during this extended period of time. 

The warmth and generosity of Malaysian fans, as well as their love for durians, continue to make such interactions memorable for both celebrities and fans alike!