“Fantastic As Always” Hong Kong Actor Celebrates Chinese New Year In Penang, M’sians Amused!

As we continue to bask in the glow of the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese New Year festivities are still going strong, with our Chinese community keeping the celebration alive and kicking!

“fantastic as always” hong kong actor celebrates chinese new year in penang, m’sians amused!Photo via Instagram (@black_gorgor)

Now, let's talk about someone who's no stranger to Malaysia's CNY charm: Hong Kong actor, Philip Keung. He's been here before, and last year, he had a blast celebrating in Penang. He promised he'd be back, and guess what? He kept his word!

Philip's love for Malaysia shines through in his recent Instagram posts. He's not just here to promote his CNY movie, "All In," but also to soak up the festive vibes. And what does he think of the celebration here? "Fantastic, as always," he says.

Philip's fondness for Malaysia runs deep—he even bought a house in Penang! And just recently, he shared another update, telling us about his CNY night in Penang. "This is the kind of festive atmosphere that I like. It's so lively!" he exclaimed.

In one of his clips, Philip can be seen amidst the crowd, lighting up firecrackers with a big grin on his face. Despite the noise, everyone's having a blast!

It's heartening to see someone like Philip Keung embracing Malaysia's culture and hospitality with such love. 

He's not just a visitor; he's part of our extended family, making memories that'll last a lifetime. And as the festivities continue, we can't help but feel proud of our country, with its warmth and charm that continue to attract visitors from all corners of the world!