Hold My Fendi Please, I Gotta Go Pray

We’re sure a lot of our Muslim friends have gotten their shoes stolen at the mosque at least once in their lives. So it’s certainly a good idea to have your friend look after your shoes while you pray… especially if it costs a whopping RM1,647!

hold my fendi please, i gotta go prayPhoto: Twitter @czero

Twitter user @czero was paid to take care of this friend’s shoes while his friend prayed at the mosque. Clearly thinking his friend was joking, (because who would pay their friend to look after their slippers when visiting the mosque right?) a quick google search made all the sense in the world.

hold my fendi please, i gotta go pray

Photo: Google

This is definitely no ordinary slipper, leaving the Twitterverse shooketh!

@czeo explained that his friend was dressed to the T as they were on their way to a friend’s wedding and stopped at a nearby mosque to perform their prayers.

Some commended the two friends for performing their religious duties:

While many also shared their experience of having paid friends to take care of their shoes:

Either way we appreciate the flex and hope that this Fendi shoes never gets stolen anywhere else, either!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya