Hippos With Runny Noses Test Positive For COVID-19 At Belgian Zoo

Two hippos at Antwerp Zoo in Belgium tested positive for the coronavirus after a vet noticed their noses were “expelling snot'' 


hippos with runny noses test positive for covid-19 at belgian zooPhoto via The Irish Times

The huge animals, who are mother and daughter, are currently doing okay. 

According to DW, the hippos named Hermien and Imani are not in danger. Their veterinarian, Francis Vercammen said they were “expelling snot” which prompted the animal medic to probe further. 

The mother, who is 41-years-old and 14-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID amid rising human cases in Belgium and around Europe in recent weeks. 

Antwerp Zoo tested all its animals last year and found no positive cases.

The infections at Antwerp Zoo are not the first time that zoo animals have tested positive during the pandemic, but most cases are thought to have been among cats and monkeys. 

Antwerp Zoo is now closed to the public and Hermien and Imani have been placed in an isolated social bubble. 

Ahh, we’re glad they’re okay! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat