M’sian Woman Known As The “Queen Of Toilets” Has Reviewed Over 140 Public Toilets In Hilarious TikTok Series!

Get ready to laugh out loud, folks! Have you ever dreaded using a public toilet because you thought it might be as dirty as a dumpster? 

m’sian woman known as the “queen of toilets” has reviewed over 140 public toilets in hilarious tiktok series!Photo via TikTok (@marissawong96)

Fear no more! Marissa Wong, a stand-up comedian and content creator, has taken on the noble task of reviewing public toilets in Malaysia since the pandemic started. Yes, you read that right - she reviews toilets!

Marissa's hilarious "Toilet Review" series on TikTok has become an instant hit. She has reviewed over 141 toilets so far, and the number is still growing. 

Her review criteria include the general cleanliness of the toilet, the availability of a bidet, tissue paper, bins, and the functionality of the flush, among other unique factors.

And boy, has she uncovered some interesting finds! Her most popular review was of a toilet at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The video has received around 27.1k likes, which just goes to show how much people love their toilets.

Move over, Michelin Guide - Marissa Wong is here to rate the crappiest places in town. 

She's now known as the "Queen of Toilet" in Malaysia, and we can't wait to see where her next potty adventure takes her.



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Amazing! Thank you for your hardwork, Marissa!