Here’s How Malaysians Reacted To Ahmad Maslan’s Taugeh Sandwich!

Pontian MP, Ahmad Maslan is not only a Malaysian politician but he also loves to cook!

Those who follow him online would know that he has been sharing his amazing cooking skills and recipes on his social media accounts over the past few years. 

On Thursday (4 December), the Pontian MP decided to give a unique twist to his egg sandwich recipe by adding in the ever-versatile, healthy vegetable ...taugeh! 

His caption reads: “I made this myself. You can have it for lunch and dinner, can be a diet food, too, if you don’t want rice.”

It looks pretty weird, but you’ll never know until you try it, right?

here’s how malaysians reacted to ahmad maslan’s taugeh sandwich!Photo via Twitter Ahmad Maslan

The recipe is pretty simple… all you need to do is fry one egg, heat up the taugeh, toast the bread until it’s a bit burnt, and then just put them together into a sandwich! Yup, it’s THAT simple! 

Netizens on Twitter, of course, couldn’t help themselves but to leave their reactions in the comments section.

Would you try Ahmad Maslan’s taugeh sandwich? Give it a try! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat