Here’s A Bulletproof Flowchart Nasi Dagang Recipe

Here’s a bulletproof recipe for all you detail-oriented people out there.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Wan Azmi shared the recipes for Nasi Dagang and Gulai Ikan Tongkal he asked from his brother, and it looked like something straight out of The Matrix.

Every list of ingredients, measurements, step by step procedures and timing were all carefully listed in a detailed flowchart, easy for him and well, everyone else to understand!

here’s a bulletproof flowchart nasi dagang recipe

Photo: Twitter @wanazmi21

here’s a bulletproof flowchart nasi dagang recipe

Photo: Twitter @wanazmi21

Wan Azmi wrote in his tweet, “Asked my brother for Nasi Dagang recipe. He gives me a flowchart! Rolling on the floor laughing. This is what we called an engineer!”

More than 6,000 people retweeted his post, some thanking him for the recipe, while others were a little bit confused as to how best to understand this new flowchart recipe.

One user also tweeted her chemistry diagram recipe to match the engineer’s flowchart.

The result for Wan Azmi’s unique Nasi Dagang flowchart recipe, however, proves that it pays to have his brother’s attention to detail.

Maybe next time we should draw our own flowcharts for our favourite recipes!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya