He May Be Out Of Office, But He’s Still In It For The People!

When you love what you do, there’s nothing stopping you! 

Former Health Minister, Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad may no longer be minister, but it looks like he’s far from done serving the people.

he may be out of office, but he’s still in it for the people!Photo via The Star

With the rising number of Covid-19 patients recently, the people’s health and well-being will always come first despite whatever is going on in the political world — and as of now there are 55 confirmed cases, with 22 of them already recovered.

The former Health Minister took to his Facebook page, to share his knowledge on ‘Close Contact Person with Covid-19’. 

In his post, he said that despite the political turmoil going on in the country, he still feels it is his duty to share some of his knowledge on what constitutes a ‘close contact person’. 

“...an individual who was within six feet (or two metres) of a person who is positive for Covid-19 for an extended period (no less than two hours).”

He explained that he shared the information because he thought that many wanted to know what defines being a ‘close contact person to Covid-19’.

His post has since garnered over 7,000 reactions and 700 comments. 

So, guys. Take care and wash your hands regularly okay! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat