M’sians Praise Hardworking Man After Video Of Him Carrying Refrigerator On His Back Went Viral!

Living in an apartment building can present its own set of challenges, especially when there is no elevator, and your unit is on the higher floors. 

But for this Malaysian delivery man, carrying heavy appliances up flights of stairs is all in a day's work.

m’sians praise hardworking man after video of him carrying refrigerator on his back went viral!Photo via Twitter (@jllmisai)

In a viral video shared on Twitter by @jllmisai, the delivery man can be seen expertly navigating his way through the narrow common areas of an apartment building with a new refrigerator on his back. 

He carries the appliance effortlessly up the stairs to the fourth floor, where the person who purchased the refrigerator lives. In less than 1 minute and 30 seconds, the man completes the task without stopping once, showcasing his impressive strength and determination.

The video has garnered over 152,000 views and 2,800 likes, with many netizens in awe of the delivery man's strength and professionalism. 

The comments section is filled with messages of respect and admiration for his hardworking nature, with some even praying for his prosperity.

While the delivery man's commitment to his job is commendable, some netizens expressed concern about his safety, as carrying heavy items on his back could be a safety hazard. 

Some commented that he is at risk of suffering from a slipped disc injury, and his health should be taken into consideration.

Nonetheless, this man's dedication to his work is a testament to his hardworking nature and perseverance, and a reminder of the sacrifices that many individuals make to make ends meet. 

Some viewers even became emotional watching the video, imagining their parents doing such a job to provide for their families.

In a world where convenience is often prioritized over hard work, it is refreshing to see individuals like this Malaysian delivery man who go above and beyond to complete their job with professionalism and dedication.