Happy Mother’s Day, Hehehe

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday (10 May) and many went all out to buy flowers and cakes for their beloved mothers to celebrate the special day. One particular wife specifically asked her husband to buy her a cake, and the result…well, it wasn’t what we expected.

Husna Adilah shared on Twitter how she messaged her husband, Mohammad Nor, to buy her a red velvet cake with a simple Mother’s Day wish on top of it.

happy mother’s day, hehehe

Photo: Twitter @Husanadilah

Her mistake, however, was to type “hehehe” at the end of her text to her husband, resulting in a rather hilarious Mother’s Day wish.

happy mother’s day, hehehe

Photo: Twitter @Husanadilah

Husna Adilah wrote “I just thought we could have a nice Mother’s Day Celebration….why is my husband like this” along with the upside-down smiley face which we all know too well did not mean that she was actually smiling.

The tweet has since gone viral with more than 43, 000 retweets as netizens were pleasantly amused by the husband’s silly antics.

One user even shared another similar encounter she had involving a cake.

Husna was surprised that her tweet has gotten so many reactions but assured netizens that her husband wasn’t naïve, but rather, enjoys making lame jokes.

We hope their mother enjoyed the cake regardless. Thank you to all the mothers out there who tolerated our silly antics for years on end.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya