"Please Stop!" Hannah Bahng Calls Out Fan for "Disgusting" Comments About Her Little Brother

It's challenging for artists and their families to maintain privacy, especially in the K-Pop world where fans are known for their intense enthusiasm. 

Hannah Bahng, well-known in the K-Pop community as Stray Kids' Bang Chan's sister, recently spoke candidly about the issue, emphasising the need to respect the privacy of those around her, including her family.

please stop! hannah bahng calls out fan for disgusting comments about her little brotherPhoto via Koreaboo

During a recent broadcast, Hannah addressed concerns about the safety and privacy of her younger brother, highlighting the inappropriate comments and invasions of his privacy by some fans. She was frank about a "small percentage" of fans who exhibited behaviour that made her uncomfortable.

"If I'm to be genuinely serious right now for a second, some of you guys, not all of you guys, I know it's only a very small percentage of you guys, are really weird about my little brother," she said during her live stream.

Hannah described the inappropriate comments about her brother, calling them "disgusting." She mentioned how some fans kept asking for her brother's Instagram account, ignoring the fact that he preferred to stay out of the public eye.

"I see so many comments that are like, ‘What's his Instagram?'" she remarked, illustrating how invasive some fans could be. Hannah apologised to the majority of fans, acknowledging that it was only a minority who behaved inappropriately. 

She clarified that unlike herself, who enjoys interacting with fans and being in the public eye, her younger brother does not want that kind of attention.

"I think you guys should stop trying to even find him, he doesn’t want to be in the public eye like that. He’s a very private person," she explained, underlining the difference between her own career goals and her brother's desire for privacy.

please stop! hannah bahng calls out fan for disgusting comments about her little brotherPhoto via Koreaboo

Hannah concluded by stating that she would report any invasive or inappropriate comments she saw, asking fans to respect the boundaries of her family. This broadcast was widely praised by netizens, who appreciated her honesty and commitment to protecting her loved ones. 

It serves as a reminder that while artists may share their talents and public lives with fans, it doesn't grant unlimited access to their personal lives or those close to them. As fans, respecting artists' privacy and safeguarding their personal boundaries is the least we can do to support them.