Malaysian Handler Casually Breaks Fast with Crocodile Nearby, Impressing Netizens!

In a fascinating scene that's captured the attention of many online, a professional crocodile handler at a sanctuary in Selayang has been seen enjoying a unique iftar session with one of the crocodiles under his care.

On TikTok, under the handle @bedamau or Rizal, showcases his calm demeanour as he sits on a mat within the crocodile enclosure. With a Roti John in hand and a refreshing drink nearby, Rizal appears unfazed by the presence of the crocodile swimming just a few feet away, eyeing a bowl of raw fish.

malaysian handler casually breaks fast with crocodile nearby, impressing netizens!Photo via TikTok (@bedamau)

Despite the close proximity to the formidable reptile, Rizal remains composed, reciting prayers before indulging in his meal. His professionalism is evident as he carefully shares pieces of fish with the crocodile, expertly avoiding any potential risks.

This unique interaction sheds light on the strong bond between Rizal and the crocodile under his care!

While the video may seem intriguing, it's crucial to emphasise that handling wild animals, especially crocodiles, should be left to trained professionals like Rizal. Attempting such interactions without proper knowledge and experience can be extremely dangerous.

If you ever find yourself in a situation with a wild animal, remember to keep a safe distance and refrain from attempting similar interactions. Instead, seek assistance from local authorities or wildlife experts who are equipped to handle such situations safely.

Let's always prioritise safety and responsible behaviour when it comes to wildlife encounters.