Guide To Plane Toilet Etiquette 101

Plane lavatories or toilets on airplanes are basically just toilets, except they are way smaller with very limited space to do our business. 

A flight attendant, Amir did a PSA on his Instagram story (@amirchewill) on the correct way of using the airplane lavatory. 


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guide to plane toilet etiquette 101

Photo: Instagram (@amirchewill)

It is common sense to flush the toilet after you’ve used it and throw away your hand towel in the trash bin after you’ve wiped your hands… but sadly there are still people who are selfish, leaving the toilet dirty for other people. 

In a series of Instagram stories, Amir highlighted some of the basic toilet etiquettes that we feel like everyone should already know. He started off with the sink, pointing to the hand towel tray and where you should throw it after you’ve done wiping your hands. 

He also showed the proper way of disposing the hand towel without even touching the bin flap - understanding that some people may be grossed out by the idea of touching the bin. 

Amir also reminded passengers to bring hand sanitisers on board, for usage after using the lavatory. 

guide to plane toilet etiquette 101

Photo: Instagram (@amirchewill)

Moving on to the toilet, Amir exclaimed that whatever business should go into the toilet bowl and not on the floor or in the sink. He also highlighted the flush button and added that users can use hand towels to cover their hands when pressing the button. 

Parents or anyone with a child who needs to change diapers is welcome to use the changing table in the lavatory, as it is not recommended to use the tray table at your seats because it is unhygienic and meant for food. 

guide to plane toilet etiquette 101

Photo: Instagram (@amirchewill)

Parents can ask for a small plastic or paper bag from the cabin crew to ‘tapau’ the diapers, and not stink up the lavatory. 

For comfort purposes - Amir recommended that passengers could do their business at the airport toilets before boarding, as it’s easier and more comfortable. 

He also added that passengers can ask for a cup from the cabin crew as there is no bidet in the lavatory, and if the toilet stinks… passengers can request for the cabin crew to spray the room with a little air freshener before going inside. 

There you have it, folks. We no longer have an excuse to not know how to use the toilets on planes! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat