GSCinemas Clarifies That Moldy Seats Are Not Theirs!

Have you seen those pictures of moldy cinema seats that recently went viral on social media? Well, we can assure you that those seats are not of the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)’s theatres. 

GSC shared several photos of its theatres located at the Suria Sabah mall on their social media page, showing its clean seats and bright blue carpet that almost looks new!

In the caption, GSC said: “The photos of the moldy cinema seats are not of GSC’s theatres. We have been following a stringent set of guidelines to maintain our cinema since the first day of the Movement Control Order (MCO).”

GSC further clarified saying that they ventilate the cinema and turn on the air conditioner to circulate airflow for a few hours, every alternate day. 

They also carry out mold and fungal checks across all halls, and proper sanitisation to ensure that their seats and carpets are in good condition.

Not only that, but GSC also maintains all their equipment by running and warming up their projectors for a few hours.

gscinemas clarifies that moldy seats are not theirs!Photo via Facebook GSCinemas

“As we are not operating, it is imperative that we take even more care and precautions for our cinemas to keep it in good condition so that we are ready to welcome audiences back when it is time to open.” 

What a relief! We can’t wait until the MCO is over so that we can enjoy a good movie at the cinema again. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat