Netizens Praise M’sian Groom-to-Be Casting His Vote On The Way to Wedding Wearing Baju Melayu!

Although last Saturday's state election was a significant event for many individuals (August 12), one groom-to-be found himself having to fulfill his civic duty en route to his wedding.

Abdul Qayyim Roslan's initial destination was the polling station for the Selangor state assembly elections. Clad in a white Baju Melayu with samping, he arrived at the SMK Seri Keramat polling center at 7:57 am.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Qayyim stated, "This is my responsibility as a Malaysian citizen, so it is crucial for me to prioritize this. I've discussed it with my future wife, and she agreed that I should cast my vote first."

"After I've completed voting, I will proceed to Selayang for my solemnization ceremony."

netizens praise m’sian groom-to-be casting his vote on the way to wedding wearing baju melayu!Photo via Metro

Meanwhile, he mentioned that his soon-to-be bride would exercise her voting rights shortly after the ceremony later in the afternoon.

State elections in Malaysia, such as the Selangor state assembly elections, play a vital role in the democratic process of the country. They provide citizens with the opportunity to choose their representatives at the state level, who will then make decisions that directly impact their lives and communities. These elections involve selecting members of the state legislative assembly, which is responsible for creating and amending state laws and policies.

Participating in state elections is not only a civic duty but also a crucial means of influencing the direction and policies of the state. Every eligible Malaysian citizen has the right to vote, allowing them to voice their preferences and contribute to the collective decision-making process.

Abdul Qayyim Roslan's dedication to casting his vote, even on the day of his wedding, highlights the importance of civic engagement and the significance of individual participation in the democratic process. 

His decision to prioritize his responsibility as a citizen sends a powerful message about the value of active involvement in shaping the state's future!