GrabFood Through The Window

grabfood through the windowPhoto: News In The Phillippines

Those who work in the customer service industry often have a good amount of stories about the weird things their customers do. From the funny to the strange and the rude, the tales are endless.

For this Singaporean GrabFood delivery guy, a customer who was grounded (we are not sure what he did but maybe, just maybe, he was feeling extra lazy) and not allowed to leave the house received his order in a rather amusing manner. 

In the video, we can see a GrabFood paperbag filled with food being pulled up on a rope from the ground floor to the 6th floor, where the hungry customer is presumably waiting. We watched with bated breath, as the bag swung precariously. The bag looked to be safe and we hope the customer gave the delivery guy 5 stars for fulfilling this request!

Pretty ingenious way to receive food without having to step out of the room!

By: Celestine Foo