"He Is So Relatable!" The Reason He Unfollowed Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Will Make You Laugh!

In the latest episode of his YouTube show Bam House, GOT7 member BamBam disclosed the unexpected reason for unfollowing Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, despite his deep admiration for her.

he is so relatable! the reason he unfollowed girls’ generation’s taeyeon will make you laugh!Photo via WeTV, Koreaboo

BamBam’s admiration for Taeyeon is widely known and dates back to his early days as a fan, where he enthusiastically attended her fansign events. He has openly expressed that she is his "ideal type" on multiple occasions, underscoring his genuine affection for the artist.

During a recent episode of Bam House featuring TWICE’s Nayeon as a special guest, the topic of Taeyeon arose naturally. Nayeon brought up Taeyeon as BamBam’s ideal type, prompting a staff member to mention that he had unfollowed her on social media. Intrigued, they encouraged BamBam to explain his decision.

BamBam humorously explained, “I wanted to focus on my tour.” He elaborated that as a dedicated fan, he would spend a significant amount of time consuming Taeyeon’s social media content. To ensure he could concentrate fully on his own professional commitments, he made the decision to temporarily unfollow her.

Netizens found his explanation amusing, drawing parallels to students unfollowing their idols during exam season to maintain focus.

It appears BamBam’s dedication to his tour led him to temporarily unfollow Taeyeon on Instagram.

Fans and followers were quick to react: "He really is a true fan,” while another points out how he acts like a true fanboy, “That’s literally what I do as a fangirl, too!” 

He is so real for this!