Golden Retriever Gifts Gold To Helper Who Has Been Taking Care Of Him Since He Was A Puppy!

Golden retriever doggo, who is known on TikTok as Cooper, is a pet influencer from Singapore who has over 141,900 followers!

Cooper and his family recently garnered a lot of attention online after they gifted their domestic helper with a gold bracelet. According to the video, the helper has been taking care of Cooper since he was a pup! 

golden retriever gifts gold to helper who has been taking care of him since he was a puppy!Photo via TikTok (@wreckitcooper)

“She has been taking care of Cooper since he was a little puppy.

“We got her a gold bracelet from one of Cooper’s paid campaigns on TikTok,” the caption reads. 

In the 20-seconds video, the three-year-old pup was first seen holding a red jewellery box in his mouth. He is then seen jumping in excitement and ran over to the helper as she entered the room, handing her the red box. 

The helper then opened the box revealing a pretty gold bracelet, which someone helped to faster on her wrist. 

“When your golden retriever retrieves gold,” the caption reads. 

@wreckitcooper when your golden retriever retrieves gold 😝💕 surprising our helper with a little gift #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Phoebe

The video has since garnered over 111,700 views at the time of writing. 

This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! What a nice thing to do, Cooper!