Gojek Delivers Indonesian Food to Rich Brian in New York

gojek delivers indonesian food to rich brian in new yorkImage via @88Rising

Having a craving you can’t fulfill is possibly one of the worst feelings ever, and for Indonesian rapper Rich Brian, that was precisely the case. He took to Twitter to share about how he missed Indonesian food after leaving for New York, and lo and behold, help came from the most unlikely of places. 

While other Twitter users chimed in with suggestions of good Indonesian food in New York, ride-hailing technology firm Gojek tweeted Rich Brian with a request that wouldn’t typically turn heads if they hadn’t been thousands of miles away.

It would be no surprise if this turned out to be typical Twitter banter with Gojek simply pulling his leg, but Rich Brian obliged anyway.

To everyone’s surprise, Rich Brian’s label @88rising tweeted a picture of him receiving a delivery from a Gojek rider 2 days later.

Everyone was shocked at the extent that Gojek went to fulfill Rich Brian’s cravings and praised Gojek for extending their services across the ocean. However, there are some others that suspect the authenticity of the image, saying that it was just a publicity stunt.

Whatever it is, it sure caught our attention, and if it was real, major kudos to Gojek for such an amazing feat!