Give Our Doctors A Break, Please!

Doctors work day and night to protect our lives, and the least we could do is be patient and appreciate them.

A 28-second clip that has been making its rounds on social media showed a government doctor in a full-on rage, shouting at an unseen patient.  The doctor in the white lab coat who was behind his desk was clearly swamped with his workload, and was ordering the woman behind the camera to leave the facility. The woman, on the other hand, can be heard asking the doctor whether he is a government doctor and to show his face to the camera, in which the man gladly does so. The woman also threatened the doctor to upload the said video on to social media to make him go viral.

According to several Facebook posts, the incident took place in a Seremban government clinic, involving a woman who had gone to the government clinic for a check-up for her cough and flu. The woman then accused the doctor of not checking her breathing properly and prescribing her the medication. She also claimed to be told by the pharmacist that there was no medication for cough.

The woman was then told to wait several times before finally being able to see the doctor about her problems but was, unfortunately, shouted at.

The Negeri Sembilan State Health Department said that the disagreement between the two parties has already been resolved peacefully.

According to the department’s director-general, Dr. Mohamad Faid Abd Rashid, both sides have been contacted for clarification and negotiations ensued after.

“This issue has been settled via negotiation between the two parties,” he said in a statement without disclosing any further details about the incident.

He also urged the public to stop speculating about the incident without verifying it directly with the department or the Health Ministry.

The public has also been reminded that recording of any form at government health facilities without prior permission is prohibited, in order to protect the privacy of patients. Dissatisfied individuals should direct their complaints through official channels instead of through social media.

While the viral video has been circulating around Facebook and Whatsapp, it has also attracted the Twitterverse to comment on the incident, with many in support of the doctor, and felt that the woman was out of line for recording the incident.

Despite all that has happened, let this incident serve as a reminder for us to be more understanding and compassionate with one another!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya