Chinese Girl Washes Her Father’s Laptop With Soap And Water After He Said It’s Full Of “Trash”

A two-year-old Chinese girl washed her father’s laptop with soap and water after hearing him say during breakfast that it was filled with “trash.”

According to Yahoo! News, the girl’s mother, Zhang, heard the water running in their bathroom while inside the family’s home in Shandong province, China. She later found her husband’s laptop submerged in soapy water and their daughter getting ready to wash the computer with more soap.

chinese girl washes her father’s laptop with soap and water after he said it’s full of “trash”Photo via SCMP

Zhang recorded the whole incident and shared it online.

The girl, known as Duomi is seen in the video washing the “dirty” laptop in a basin under running water. 

Her mother told the local newspaper, Jinan Times that she heard water from her bathroom: “When I went into the bathroom, I noticed my daughter washing the laptop. I almost died from anger,” she said. 

She explained that earlier during breakfast, her husband had complained that “there was too much trash on his computer,” so she took it upon herself to help “clean” it for him. 

Zhang attempted to turn on the $1,245 (roughly RM5,700) laptop but to no avail. Although she admitted that she was angry at first, she was ultimately amused by her daughter’s “help.”

“I wanted to discipline her, however, she was too young to realize what she had done was wrong,” she told reporters.

The video has since gone viral on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter, and has since been viewed over 100 million times at the time of writing. 

Many found humor in the viral video saying: “What a good job she’s done! It’s amazing how she thought of helping her father!”

How adorable!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat